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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

London Bird Watch - Barnes Wetland Centre

I had a chance to go to the event on the Saturday with Jono as we were both involved in the early stages, Jono did an article and I made and fitted a nestbox for the Peregrines on Charring Cross Hospital.
I am very glad to say that the Peregrines again bred in the box and can be seen on the Wildlife Whisperer website at

The box in position and ready to go

The web cam with an artificial scrape made for her, she went straight in it as well.

On April 24th 3 chicks hatched, all in one day no less, well worth a look see if you get a chance.
I have only ever been to Barnes once, that was around 4 years ago, worth a visit for the ornamental Wildfowl alone.
The event itself was hosted by Simon King and Kate Humble amongst others and was a very enjoyable day, despite promising myself not to spend, I did, it is hard not to when they stick all sorts of goodies in front of you. The Optics tent was great, the prices incredible, top of the range Bins/Scopes are way beyond my pocket unless second-hand about 5 years down the line but none the less it was good to try them out.
I treated myself to a camouflage net that goes over you and has a hole for a camera; I hope to test it out shortly.
After the Theatre event and circulating round the Marquee I headed for the Wildfowl collection camera at the ready, I know they are all collection ducks/geese but it was good to get close up, not only for photos but identifying features as well, usually you don’t get a chance to get views like this.
Drake Eider will always remain a favourite, the colours close up are stunning and the call is something else.

How can she resist him?

To be able to see Wood Duck and Red Breasted Goose close up really does make you appreciate there plumage, especially the detail.Barrow’s Goldeneye, Blue Winged Teal and Ferruginous Duck were all present amongst many other exotics.

Jono staging a lie in and protesting at the price of the new Canon 600mm

It gave a good opportunity for me and Jono to test settings on the camera, in particular myself, Jono already knows far too much.                                                                                                                 
An excellent day, hopefully it will be repeated next year.

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