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Friday 15 January 2021

Battersea Power Station


 November 22nd 2020


Some photos from a visit to the Power Station in November, not great light on the day but caught up with the peregrines who had taken prey. Also some photos of other wildlife which inhabit the site.

Yet another breeding season fast approaches for the Battersea pair, off the top of my head this is the 2nd Falcon and 3rd Tiercel in 20 years of visits. The current ringed Falcon arrived in the winter of 2012/2013 displacing the previous Falcon.

In peregrine terms it means that she is getting on a bit, with a year to attain adult plumage it makes her at least 9,likely older. We will see what the year brings, hopefully with light at the end of the tunnel for us all, 2021 will hopefully be a far better year.

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Parliament October


 A few photos from Parliament back in October, I surveyed again last Sunday Jan 10th, bloody cold it has to be said standing in the Park in the dark. Could hear one/or both of them contact calling unseen  on Victoria Tower before they slipped away west in the murk.

After this not much activity other than the Tiercel returning, bit too cold and early for breeding activity so a few photos of them back in sunnier climes on October 15th.

Friday 8 January 2021

Beckton Sewage Works


I have been undertaking a few surveys over the Sewage Works during the cold spell over Christmas, as expected lots more Wildfowl pouring in, as yet mainly Teal.

Possibly a sign of the cold spell was the first time I have seen Redshank roosting on the Tanks, as opposed to the usual Thames Jetties and River Wall. It was high tide as a flock of around 20 birds landed on one of the “inland” Tanks, this is the first time I have seen them do this so would put it down to the colder weather.

The Kestrels have started to get frisky with the male displaying; both are now visiting the nest box regularly, hopefully another good year.

The pair of Common Buzzards are regulars still on the site; it is there ‘core’ territory and despite the attentions of god knows how many Crows which congregate in that area, mainly due to McDonalds, they remain. Very thick skinned, I have seen them flying round the Sewage Works with 15+ Crows giving it or them a hard time.

The Sparrowhawks, as elusive as ever I see occasionally as you do, now that the leaves have all dropped, the nest is quite plain to see. 

Chiffchaff numbers around site are probably up in the 20’s, probably more, there is a Siberian in there somewhere but not nailed it as yet.

Difficult and dangerous unprecedented time’s people, stay safe.



Monday 4 January 2021

November/December Surveys Essex


This winter marks the end of the surveys, if I recall correctly this will be our 10th year for both myself and Paul + a few others having undertaken the winter surveys from October to March every winter.

It’s been a real pleasure surveying the parcels of land on both sides of the river; both Essex and Kent have delivered some great birds above the norm along the way. Looking back on the Essex side, Coryton, it has provided some rarish species, most recently the Great Grey Shrike but many others have also featured over the years.

Nightjar, 2 Spoonbills, 5 Ring Ouzels, Merlin, Cattle Egret, Crossbills, Hawfinch, Short Eared Owl and Hen Harrier are just some that have been seen.

The high tide wader counts have always been a highlight, not great weather recently so photos not great. Good to see a pair of Pintail down the Creek as well recently, not common down here, smart looking Duck.