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Sunday 2 December 2018

Perth Area - Yang Chep Park

This was a lovely Park/Marshland that Julie and Mike took us to and we got to see one of the animals we both wanted to see, Koala Bear. They were quite high up but after failing to see one in Brisbane, luckily we got to see 3 aloft.

I really liked this place and I would imagine that it would have been teeming with birds in the winter; however there was still plenty to see at this time of year.

Black Winged Stilts, Australian Grey Teal, Galah’s were present along with the ever present Wood and Pacific Black Ducks.

Many Parrot species were making themselves known and a couple of birds I have not seen before, Straw Necked Ibis and Yellow Billed Spoonbill showed.

A  good mixture of species

Grey Teal

Australian Raven hopefully going by throat patch


Magpie Lark

Purple Swamphen

Red Wattlebird

Straw Necked Ibis

Yellow Billed Spoonbill

A Harrier species, a Ringtail was seen distantly that gave limited views, looked pretty good for Swamp Harrier due to lack of barring on the tail, happy to be corrected though.

Presumably a male Swamp Harrier

A great little place which we both really enjoyed.