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Sunday 19 November 2017

Battersea Power Station 2017

Another good year for the pair, as per 2016 they have again fledged 4 juveniles with construction works in full swing.

The 4 chimneys have now all been demolished and rebuilt, now painted, the peregrines are again using them extensively for hunting along with many of the site Cranes. The fact is that they simply never stopped using the chimneys even during re construction, having spoken to some of the chimney workers; many have had incredible views aloft of the birds.

Once the new glass lift to the top of the North West chimney is in situ, I would imagine the public will not only get incredible views of London, but also of the peregrines ghosting by.

Adults on new chimneys

Juvenile and adult Tiercel

The family

We unfortunately lost one of the juveniles, much the same as in 2016, this is sad but normal and has happened on at least 5 of the sites that I monitor this year, fledging in an urban area can be a hazardous business I’m afraid.

Of the 3 siblings, the 2 females had left by September/October and to date, the remaining juvenile male is still present, like last year it looks like we have another long stayer.

Cranes being used extensively as launch posts for hunting

Since 2013, the pair with the new female who arrived Christmas 2012/2013 have produced 17 juveniles, an excellent breeding ratio averaging 3 per year.

With works now starting on the Power Station itself, it will be a challenging time for them but I suspect like previous years they will adapt.


In 2+ years time the plan is to relocate them back onto the Power Station, a permanent nest site has been designed especially for them, hopefully to their liking – fingers crossed.