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Thursday 14 April 2022

Another Barn Owl box

I recently got another opportunity to make and place another Barnie box at a different site, it’s a fantastic area of habitat with lots of natural grassland that is not cut, great to see in these days of cutting everything within an inch of its life for neatness, it already abounds with Skylark and Meadow Pipit.

Every time visited, I have had Red Kite/multiple Common Buzzards overhead along with large numbers of House Sparrows and also Yellowhammer calling.

I have set a cam up on the box, which we installed on Tuesday, I know they are in the area so will be checking on Friday to take the struts off and also see if anything is on the cams and if one has found it.

It’s a bit late going in but given how long their breeding period is and also 2nd brooding, you never know.........

As ever, a big thanks to all those involved - Doc, Owen and Rob, also Russ and his colleague for getting me the ply to recycle into a Barnie box.

                                                                     P51 Mustang

                                                             Worn adult Common Buzzard

Saturday 9 April 2022


I last visited on March 22nd and from behaviour of both Falcon and Tiercel then, it looks like they hadn’t laid by that date, I am due to visit on Sunday so hopefully can confirm with a nest relief.

They haven’t successfully bred since 2018 so I am keeping an open mind on it, age and fertility of the Falcon may be an issue, we have new blood in the shape of a new Tiercel, so we will see what transpires.

On the 22nd we also had a female intruding immature, eventually seen off by the Tiercel.

Fingers crossed for egg laying.

                                                                   Pair on Central Spire

                                                              Intruding female immature