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Thursday 29 September 2016

All Creatures Great and Small

For most of this month I have been undertaking Reptile relocation on a site down at Coryton, its enjoyable and rewarding work and it has been a learning curve to me having done mostly bird surveys over the past years.

Occasional Reptile surveys have been undertaken before but I only ever encountered Common Lizard, this area of land is producing the goods with Great Crested and Smooth Newt, Common Lizard, Slow Worm, Adder and Grass Snake.

Of them all, Great Crested Newts and Slow Worms I find are quite stunning with their detail and colouring; up close they are even more impressive. Both have been rarely seen in the past let alone in the hand.

Adders are another that are fantastically marked, to date I have caught 2 (with snake gloves on I might add), obviously treating them with a little respect, it’s the first time I have been ‘hissed ‘at.
A good opportunity to see them up close, the intricate markings were superb, never held one before, there usually at the end of my camera.

Below is a selection of photos.

Hope I have this right - Dark Bush Cricket

Wall Brown

Great Green Bush Cricket

Smooth Newts trying to make a break for it with there bigger relatives GCN below

Great Crested Newt

Smooth Newts

Slow Worm - lovely colouring and pattern

Adder - stunning