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Friday 1 June 2018

Beckton update


I have visited the site a number of times in May, remarkably the Common Buzzard is still on site despite the attentions of the local Corvids and large Gulls, both are breeding locally so as you can imagine they get quite upset at its appearance.

Jay's are ignored basically

Herring Gulls are another matter

Whilst watching the Buzzard on a couple of occasions, I saw a male Sparrowhawk come out of nowhere and mob the Buzzard, both scenario’s it happened in the same area. I know there is an old nest there as I marked in the winter, sure enough looking through Bin’s, the tell tale sign was there with a female Sparrowhawk tail protruding.

Along with the Kestrels, will be good watching their progress.

The Kestrels are now taking prey into the box so eggs have hatched and young are present, as yet I have not had a visual with the chicks, likely next week, I am also hoping that fledging will take place without a hitch.
We positioned the box so that the young can access a large roof, hopefully it will give them more room to build wing strength and be better prepared for that all important 1st flight.

Plenty of food now going into the box with a Field Mouse seen on Sunday, additionally Lizards are featuring as per last year, they are very efficient little hunters.

Top marks also for Thames Water, setting aside large Wildlife Areas, not cutting and leaving to establish and grow wild, already invertebrates are colonising.

Female Black Tailed Skimmer

Needs no intro

Hairy Dragonflies

Mistle Thrush - now a Red List species

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