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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Canvey Coastguards/Point October 1st

Decided to try my luck with a falling tide, arrived at dawn, wind was a south south westerly and it was raining, hence under cover Coastguards. Even though the wind was quite strong, I was not too hopeful as a south easterly or easterly is usually better for pushing birds into the Thames.

Coastguards at dawn looking east
 The following was recorded over a 2 hour period with an hour spent at the Point after the rain had stopped, as first thought, the winds were wrong for producing any birds of note.

Mediterranean Gull – 2 1st winters

Great Skua – 3 in together at 7.22am, all 3 turned and went back out.

Common Scoter – 2 upriver

Swallow – 120 Essex to Kent

Meadow Pipit – 22 Essex to Kent

Brent Goose – an estimate of 360 feeding off the point

Wigeon – around 600 birds, again off the point but further out.

Commic Terns- 9 seen, too far out to identify
Curlew crossing the Point

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