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Saturday 25 September 2010

Canvey Point Sept 25th

Decided to give the point a bash, the wind was wrong, a northerly, but given what was turning up at the north kent coast, was hopeful of some spill over down the Thames.
I watched from 12.00 to 4.15pm and in that time probably recorded the largest total of Gannets I have had at the point, 153no, mostly juvenile/immatures all up river.No birds were counted coming out, they did come out in small numbers, but only around 60% of those that went up.They either pitched down on the river further up or went up high cross country.

Large flock of Gannets coming in, Southend Pier in background.

Juvenile Gannets
The largest group was 21 with many around the 12 to 15 mark.
The weather was very bright at times and only clouded over every now and then during the afternoon, nothing exceptional came in, there were other birders present and they may have different counts from mine below.

Mediterranean Gull - 7, 3 adults, 2nd winter and 3 1st winters
Common Tern - 8 definates with a number of others too far out to id.
Sandwich Tern - 2 seen
Great Skua - 2 seen
Arctic Skua - a probable at 3.10pm, too far out to clinch
Common Scoter - 11 came in and landed mid channel
Brent Goose - 1 off the saltings
Little Egret - a group of 10

Little Egrets coming over from Kent

Marsh Harrier - a single immature from Kent to Essex, picked up by another birder, cheers.

Marsh Harrier

Also seen was a Peregrine, initially low when I got on it over the saltings, buzzed the roosting waders and then went up high.

Mediterranean gull above, these seemed to appear every time a large ship came in, they were following them as far as the point and then they broke off.A good afternoon, plenty of Gannets, when I was coming away it was clouding over, Sunday looks pretty good as well, even better if the wind swings round easterly....                                                           

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