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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Canvey Point Sept 5th

I arrived at the point around 6.40am, as soon as I arrived I thought it was too bright despite a decent south easterley wind blowing straight on to the point.Looking at the forecast the evening before it had given overcast with patches of light rain so was hopeful of some 'goodies'.Tide was rising and was set to peak around 9.30am, decided to give it a while just in case anything did come in.
At least 30 Commic Terns were seen, all heading up river along with 5 Sandwich Terns, did not pick up any Blacks but 3 or 4 were seen later by others.
With good light I then went round towards the marina, the tide was starting to push the waders up so settled down out of the way to try and get some photo's.

Bar Tailed Godwit preening

Distant Grey Plover still summer plumed

Bar Tailed feeding

After this I went back to the point to try my luck again, Jeff was there and 4 other birders joined shortly after.Had missed 3 Black Terns going up but little else came in other than Terns, also got onto a very high distant Raptor but lost it in the distance going over to Kent.
Large flocks of Curlew and Black Tailed Godwit were now all making there way over from Kent so finished the session with some distant photography, light was not good but still a good morning out on the 'seaside'.

Black Tailed Godwits coming over from Kent

Curlew coming in to roost past the point

Juvenile Ringed Plover

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