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Saturday 16 October 2010

Ingrebourne Valley October 16th

Popped in one the way home from Rainham, had a look at the top paddock, very windy but bright and sunny, so kept one eye up for raptors and the other scanned the paddock.

8 Jackdaws and 6 Rooks feeding round the horses with a good size flock of Greylags grazing on the side field, hopefully the Whitefronts will return this winter.

It was as I watching these and happened to glance skywards that I got onto a diving Sparrowhawk, a male, it had locked onto a Lapwing that I had not seen in the field. The lapwing got up just about and there then followed a frantic pursuit, low over the field, as the male tried to take it. It closed on it 3 or 4 times but the Lapwing evaded it every time, in the end the Sparrowhawk gave up.
Glad to say the Lapwing got away
 During all of this I had the camera up and was trying to get a lock on them, they were just too quick and twisting and turning too much. I did manage to get one out of focus shot which shows the drama above.

From here I went to Ingrebourne Hill, have still got Lapland Bunting In mind, the habitat up there is ideal, possibly even Ring Ouzel.

Lots of Meadow Pipits and about 10 Skylarks hunkered down out of the wind but little else, 2 calling Siskin over was a bonus.

As I was about to go I got onto 4 high flying medium sized waders very late and initial thoughts were Golden Plover, as is my habit nowadays, I got off 2 quick photo’s and then they were gone.

Having reviewed the photo’s they look very good for a male Ruff, bill is too long for Golden Plover, pale underwing and long winged, photo below.

Heavily cropped possible Ruff

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