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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dagenham Riverside October 24th

Fox in the undergrowth
 Dropped in for a quick visit, tide was in so I had a look at one of the jetties, they have always held good numbers of roosting waders and wildfowl.
On arrival around mid day as I parked up, was very surprised to see a Fox standing in the undergrowth watching me, a fine looking animal with no mange.Even more surprised as it walked up to the car and stood there looking at me, it was obviously being fed by the lorry drivers and was waiting for tit bits.Despite knowing the damage that they do to wildlife, especially ground nesting birds, it is hard to despise them.
I ended up with no lunch as I gave it to the Fox for posing for a few photo’s.
Back to the birds, the following was seen.
Yellow Legged Gull – 3 all adults                                                                                                        Redshank – 28 roosting
Lapwing - 19 roosting
Curlew – 5 roosting together
Black Tailed Godwit – 1 roosting
Teal – 46 on the river
Shelduck -6 on the river
Cetti’s Warbler - 1 calling along a dyke
This was the 1st high tide count of the 2nd winter period and did not expect high numbers as it is still quite early and the weather is relatively mild.
Other than the Fox, strange sight of the day goes to 3 Stock Doves roosting in tight with the Lapwings on the jetty.

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