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Friday 22 October 2010

Rainham Marshes October 22nd

Decided to pay the marshes a visit after yesterdays showing of 2 Penduline Tits, also a Firecrest had been seen early this morning, needed both for the year.

As is my usual habit decided to walk the foreshore at low tide, a good showing was at least 9 Rock Pipits, as yet no Water Pipit, 49 Redshank were feeding in the Bay along with a single Curlew.2 groups of Chaffinch over head produced 2 calling Redpoll on the tail end, very likely Lessers.

Greylag Geese

 Entered the Reserve and headed to where the Pendulines had been seen, unfortunately they showed early morning but had not been seen since. On the way had a cracking little flock of Bearded Tits flyover my head, ironically towards where the Pendulines had last been seen. There were 6 over closely followed by a single bird all calling, normally quite a hard bird to see. Managed to get a couple of record shots but the light and also my lack of knowledge meant that they came out more or less as silhouettes.

Bearded Tits


 Carried on regardless, hopefully the Pendulines will winter like other years.The Target pools still held Pinkfoot Goose, but could now only see 3, cant see one leaving the others, so possibly Foxy.

Also found the Tiercel Peregrine on his usual spot on the pylon, actions showed that he was looking to hunt. At this time of year, principal prey will be the usual Feral Pigeon plus Stock Dove and Teal, all are smallish and a lot easier to carry.

 Aveley Pools held the usual assortment of ducks as well as 2 Golden Plover tucked in with the Lapwings.Eventually came to the woodland, got very lucky, firstly a flyover calling Brambling closely followed by a calling Siskin, the Brambling dropped into the Cordite area and the Siskin carried on west.
Golden Plover and Lapwing

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