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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rainham Marshes October 16th

A very good day, and well done to Les (Harrison) for finding the Bluethroat at Rainham.                         
Made my way there after a phone call from Les in the morning, was at a Peregrine site as per usual, very high up and bloody cold.

On arrival found Andy and Dave looking for the bird and it was Andy who refound it, we all got good enough views to confirm identity and although seen off and on during the rest of the day it did prove very elusive. Having never seen Bluethroat before, this was not only a site and year tick but also London and UK. I waited for another hour but nothing, by now a few people had turned up.

Whilst scanning the Targets for anything a goose suddenly stuck its head up and I thought Pinkfoot, nabbed a scope and there were actually 4 of them, tucked down in the grass and resting. Always good to see, reminded me straight away of last winter when wild geese were turning up locally, hopefully it is a sign of things to come.


Distant Pinfeet Geese

 Decided to go and look for the Tree Sparrow at the centre, birds seen on the way were.

Golden Plover – 5 over

Stonechat 4 – hopefully they are recovering after they were very hard to find after last winter.

Blackcap – 1 scolding me from a berry bush

Chiffchaff – 1 calling

Rock Pipit – 2 on the foreshore

Curlew – 2 on the mud

Weasel – 1 greased lightning

Marsh Harrier – a 1st year male being harassed by a couple of Crows out on Wennington Marsh       

Marsh Harrier with the usual Crow attachment

 Arrived at the centre, went to go across the footbridge and there, next to the fence was the Tree Sparrow sitting in a bush, bold as brass. Sometimes you can do no wrong, managed also to get a couple of shots of it on the feeders after a coffee.

Tree Sparrow -  bottom

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