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Monday, 18 October 2010

Barking Outfall October 17th

The tide was coming in as I arrived, with winter now on its way, was hopeful of some winter specialties moving in.5 Shoveler were feeding the Outfall along with 8 Gadwall, the Shoveler are regular here, these were the 1st winter arrivals. Teal numbers were now rapidly increasing and I counted 245 In the Outfall alone, I added another 80 shortly after at the Creek, quite an impressive total for so early in the year.                          


 As ever at high tide the Cormorants were piling into the Outfall to fish in the fast water, numbers quickly reached 92.When they are all fishing in the fast water it is quite an impressive sight, as mentioned earlier in the diary, food appears to be some kind of prawn.

Cormorants after feeding

 Little was moving on the river, getting very late now for Terns so will be watching for winter waders coming up the river.

Rock Pipit

 I did get 3 Golden Plover going over south which were new in, also:

Rock Pipits - 3 on the rocks

Common Sandpiper – 2 feeding on the edge of the rising tide

Wood Pigeon – 30 over south high

Chiffchaff - a minimum of 5, there is no doubt that that Thames Water sewer works must provide a good source of food throughout the winter months, I always record more wintering Chiffs at this site than anywhere else.                                                                                                                                                       


Also kept an eye open in the water on the rising tide, I have had shoals of Mullett coming in, I am told that they are Thick Lipped Mullett, not up on my sea fish , these also come to feed in the Outfall. The photo below shows a shoal coming in last year.

Thick Lipped Mullett

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