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Monday, 2 December 2013

Aussie Birds

My family is a big one, some are pretty spread out around the world, of course my daughter Julie and Shaun with the grandchildren Erin and Quinn are in New Zealand but I also have uncles and aunts in Spain along with cousins and brother in laws in Australia.
I was recently sent some photos below of some Australian birds, one the Osprey is readily identifiable wherever you go, they don’t seem to change much the world over.
They were all sent to me by my cousin Luke, he resides in Sydney but from what I can gather he travels a bit through work commitments, on his travels he see quite a lot on the road.

Even without the Osprey juvenile it is refreshing to look at blue skies, it seems over there Ospreys are pretty easy to see and quite abundant, I know my brother in law Mick watches them from his back garden in Perth.

The photo of the other bird feeding on the flower is a Blue Faced Honeyeater, from what I can gather pretty common.

The remaining bird is a Bush Thick Knee; very approachable going by the photo, without doubt it recalls a Stone Curlew, again quite a common bird it seems.

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