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Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Bash

On December 12th we had our annual Christmas dinner, this time with a change of venue, the Harrow in Hornchurch.
Below are a number of photos with a few light hearted captions, a good night was had by all, the complimentary headache for me the following morning vouched for that.

Just like to say a Merry Christmas to my mates and readers of this blog, good birding for 2014.

Bradders and Jono

Dean and Russ

Lee looking cool

Paul with Lee drifting off

Dick on the left, like me, getting close to the bus pass,probably closer

Yours truly trying to look intelligent

Shaun dreaming of Gulls - Steve beyond

Jono giving his Christmas speech

From left to right: Dave, Dick, Steve, Dean and Russ

Mart, still thinking of his neighbors party

Shaun thinking of an Ivory Gull

Two stout chaps

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