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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thorpe Bay

September 25th

I made a fleeting visit down which is now becoming an annual event, to see if the Sanderling have arrived to winter, the tide was still out but was rising fast. On arrival I walked out on the mud amongst the Boats and searched for the Sanderling keeping a wary eye on the tide, it is surprising how fast it rises. Presently I located a good flock frantically feeding before the tide covered all so I moved back to the beach and awaited their arrival.


Mainly Ringed Plovers

On the way back there was no less than 22 Mediterranean Gulls resting in a variety of pools, these ranged from juveniles to adults, the full range of ages.
I had in mind to try and get a few photos of the Sanderling, not ideal weather(grey skies) but can’t expect too much now we are going Autumn, I also kept an eye out for Purple Sandpiper, a bit early but they do appear in the Turnstone roosts in the winter on the Pier.
In the end I only waited around 15 minutes and all came up on the sand/shingle to roost, I counted 139 Sanderling and 53 Ringed Plovers, with people walking up and down the beach they are pretty mobile but are obviously used to it.

Still shooting at 300mm F4, the 1.4 Converter arrives Monday or Tuesday, must say I miss the reach of my old Sigma 400mm so looking forward to trying the converter out. Imagine, 420mm at F5.6, nothing will be safe Jono.

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