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Friday, 13 September 2013

Rainham RSPB

A good morning - Friday

I decided on an early morning visit after seeing the overnight rain and knowing that it was an early morning high tide, with luck I might pick up a wader or 2 at roost.
Checking the new scrape first in front of the visitor centre produced no fewer than 11 Greenshank, a single Ringed Plover and best of all a Knot. Wigeon numbers are already increasing and I recorded 26 round the reserve on my walk after.

Record shot of the Knot roosting with Greenshank

I was keeping an eye out for Spotted Redshank knowing that a couple have been seen earlier in the week as I headed off round the Reserve.
The Cordite held 3 Chiffchaff, a Willow Warbler and a female Blackcap, given the weather I was hoping that a goodie might have dropped in, it was grey and abysmal, winter is coming.

Arriving at the Pools and I immediately found a single Spotted Redshank quickly followed by another on the main pools, both birds were feeding intently, scanning round produced 2 Pintail, another Ringed Plover and around 7 Snipe. From here I moved on noting a Peregrine on the pylons and for comparison there were also 2 Hobbies hawking for Dragons.
As I walked round the corner there was yet another Spotted Redshank, I understand it has been in this pool for a day or 2, this gave great views, can’t remember when I last had 3 Spotted Redshank here, they are usually a hard bird to come by, even at Rainham.

Not great light....

After taking a few photos I carried on eventually going out onto Aveley Bay, the tide by now was dropping fast.
Scoping the Bay and the mud I came across the Knot again, it was feeding with 3 Black Tailed Godwits, no doubt these were the birds seen earlier at roost. Across the river showed a Ringed Plover flock numbering 34 birds, with the other 2 seen as well this made it a good number in the area.

Now I have a bit more time I will try and get over a bit more, a good visit.

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