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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Local Stuff

With more time on my hand nowadays as I head gracefully into semi –retirement, I can now start concentrating on my birding a bit more. It is good at long last to not have to try and cram everything into a weekend, Peregrines take up a lot of time but now life is definitely easier.
Now able to bird during the week around family commitments also means I can start covering some of my old patches, one of these I visited the other day after having a good day there in the cold snap.
Stubbers OPC has been going for years, probably 45 or more, the 2 big lakes are not and never have been fished, it has also turned up some good birds over the years. Whooper Swans in 2001, Long Tailed Duck in 2004, Ring Ouzel, Slavonian and Black Necked Grebe all spring to mind.
The drake Scaup I am pleased to say is still present and sticking tight to the Pochard flock, a cracking looking bird that I suspect will go soon with the milder weather showing. Of the 3 redhead Smew and Goldeneye there was no sign.

Greater Scaup

Staying with waterfowl I also popped into the Ingrebourne Valley during the week, on the chance that the Whitefront may still be present, it is, and it also showed quite well for a bit of didgiscoping.As with the Scaup I expect this will go soon also, with a bit of sunshine I managed to get a couple of decent shots of it.The reservoir has been a favoured haunt for Whitefronts over the last 4 years with up to 4 showing in some winters, of course it is mainly due to the fact that they latch onto the large Greylag flock.

White Fronted Goose

Also seen on the visit was a Common Buzzard, another Little Owl was located, this now makes 3 separate birds for the Valley or thereabouts.

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