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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Barking Bay

March 22nd

Another very bright day dawned with hazy sunshine right from the start, I am still looking for Wheatears on site, I know Greg had them recently but the good weather has moved them on, have to wait for the next wave of migrants. It is all good stuff and on days like this it is a pleasure to be out no matter what you do or don’t see.
As it turned out I added 3 additions to the patch list with Green Sandpiper, Long Tailed Tit and Ring Necked Parakeet all joining the list, it now stands at 71.Surprisingly no Chiffchaffs were heard in the Nature Reserve but it can only be a matter of days before they start going at it, like wise Blackcap, migrants will soon arrive.

Green Woodpecker trying to hide

The best of the rest was 3 pair of Oystercatchers, 74 Black Tailed Godwits, initially on the mud but then headed off up river, no doubt to Beckton; it has become a favourite foraging area.
A calling Grey Plover was seen heading down river and the Linnet flock has reduced to around 50 birds, some already nest building.

Green Sandpiper

2 Green Woodpeckers were trying outcall each other at each end of the site.
Next week will be when it all starts; hopefully Sand Martin and Little Ringed Plover will put in an appearance.

Wheatear - this was taken last week surveying in Kent

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