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Friday 27 March 2020

NHS - Battersea Power Station

In these troubling times and seeing what is happening all across the UK and the world, life has changed and suddenly become dangerous. The easy part is ours having to stay home, my respect and admiration goes out to the NHS having to deal with this front line.

They are the ones bearing the brunt of this, especially in many cases, not having the proper protection and knowing the threat is far greater in communication with patients.

As I said my gratitude for each and every one of them working for the NHS is immense, can you imagine going to work into this environment every day as they do?

They need our support just by staying home.

On a lighter note I have been keeping an eye on the cameras at Battersea Power Station, they are going well, 3 eggs so far, the Falcon is approaching 10,quite old in peregrine terms so it may well be the extent of the clutch.

However she has surprised me since her arrival in 2012 with large clutches, 3 lots of 5 eggs so I will keep an open mind on it.

Before we went into lock down, we had another intruding Tiercel at the Power Station, an adult, eventually seen off by the resident male but quite a tussle at times. No injuries thankfully to either bird, I know the damage the talons can do.

I have seen a number of intruders over the years, I have to say this particular one was a very determined individual and pressed his case quite extensively, he came back at least 3 times before finally getting the message.

Stop Press - she has laid a 4th egg!

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