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Sunday 29 July 2018

Rare Stuff

The last week has been eventful in regards to scarce birds, as we are now into July I am getting some spare time, surveys have finished more or less and peregrine fledging is now over having taken place in June. 

One site that I do not get a chance to visit nowhere near enough is Oare Marshes, Kent perhaps 1 or 2 visits a year which is not on for such a fantastic site.
On Friday I rectified this partly with a dawn visit and got lucky with the Glossy Ibis, I heard that it came to roost late the evening beforehand so was there at first light.
I was expecting it to leave but it stayed and I got a few photos of it, against the sun but not too bad.

Lots of other ‘good’ birds seen including Spotted Redshank, 2 Hobbies, 12 Golden Plover and 2 Turtle Doves, a sign of the times sadly that these were the 1st ones I have seen this year.

Sun up

Glossy Ibis

Southern Migrant Hawker

Also caught up with Southern Migrant Hawker (hoping that I have this right), with both Tawny and Little Owl seen also a great morning.

Missed the Bonaparte’s unfortunately but more than happy with what I had seen.

On Friday a Marsh Sandpiper turned up at Rainham RSPB so a visit was undertaken on Saturday morning.

A first for the site no less and the 1st one in London I understand in 34 years, even more scarce than the Glossy Ibis, it was a cracking bird although distant, eventually got it at the 2nd attempt in the morning.

Marsh Sandpiper

It bought my Rainham RSPB life list nicely up to 225 species so a good few days.

Thanks to Howard for opening up at 7.00am and good to catch up with Birders I haven't seen for a while.


  1. Grab the day Jono, grab the day - as big John said ' we're burning daylight'