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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beckton Sewage Works

Jan 31st

Only my 2nd visit of the year, much of it is now covered so not so smelly anymore, high summer was challenging to the nostrils to say the least.

I decided on a thorough tour of the site to try and up the patch list, currently standing at a lowly 34.As yet I have not caught up with the Black Redstart, they are usually pretty regular in the winter, also many more commoner species.

Starting at the Outfall, undergoing major upheaval at the moment as part of the construction program going on site, I was not expecting too much, I added a few regulars before heading towards the Gull colony.
Pairing up already and just starting to show the first signs of breeding, a few flyovers gave me a hard time before heading back to the Jetty.


Moving inland and picking up a few more ticks I came across a ringed Lesser Black Backed Gull, very kindly traced for me by Paul, its history is below.

October 15th 2011 – Rainham Tip

November 19th 2011 – Thames, Rainham.

As you can see it’s pretty localised and is no doubt one of the regular breeders on the Jetty.

Next up was a very confiding Green Sandpiper, most times these are a bugger to get near but being in the car helped a lot.
Managed to get a few shots of it and then had a look around the rest of the site, as usual Pied and Grey Wagtails were abundant but oddly hardly any Meadow Pipits seen.

A good visit, the weather as expected was its usual grey overcast self, thoughts now turn to spring, the first migrants will soon be arriving in March, hopefully as per last year a Wheatear on the Tanks.

I ended the morning on 48 species so up and running with 14 species added.

I also heard some good news regarding the Barn Owls, despite sitting in the car for a couple of hours over 2 nights, and undertaking a few dawn watches I had not seen them leaving or returning to roost.

Fresh pellets have been found which is fantastic news; I thought that the large scale change to localised habitat would send them to pastures new, glad to be proved wrong.

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