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Friday, 8 February 2013

Essex Surveying and a Slav

February 8th 

Although cold this morning (0 degrees) when I started this morning’s survey it was very bright with little wind, this reflected in the birds present, many including Skylarks were up singing.
Most of the water bodies were frozen with only the odd fast flowing dyke open, consequently no Waterfowl and rather surprisingly not a Lapwing seen either.

A very welcome sight was 31 Corn Buntings ground feeding amongst a small of Skylarks, this if my memory serves me correctly is the biggest flock I have had in the area.

On the Raptor front a Marsh Harrier was seen to head over to Kent mobbed by a number of the bigger Gulls, before this it gave pretty good views. Both Barn and Short Eared Owl were again seen but rather distantly, a male Sparrowhawk and 3 Kestrels completed a good morning for birds of prey.

Off to Kent on Saturday morning for another survey on the Hoo Peninsula, beforehand we are going to pop into Cliffe, Long Tailed Ducks hopefully. 

Slavonian Grebe 

I have planned quite a few times to go and see the Grebe near Littlebrook but there has never been time, of late Peregrines, nestboxes and substrate changes have kept me busy. After the survey today an opportunity arose and myself, Paul and Shaun went there to see the bird. I had heard from my mates how approachable the bird is; quite simply you hardly even have to move, sit down and it will swim pass you, close as well.

Below are a few shots taken, the trouble is you just can’t stop pressing the button, it is so confiding and at times too close, it is that good.

We lost the light to some grey skies but can’t complain, how can you looking at this little cracker below. 


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    1. Marc, cheers, with some sunshine the bird would give stunning shots, aim to go back.