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Friday 12 October 2012

Two Tree Island

 October 12th

Not the most ideal morning to visit early on with overcast skies and strong south westerly’s putting paid to any small bird movement. I am probably a bit ignorant as to why, but why is it that all we get nowadays are basically westerly winds, it was not the case a good few years back, I presume it is possibly linked to global warming?
High Tide was around 10.30am so I basically dived in both of the hides to avoid the wind, and to see what was feeding on the mud and what came into the scrape.

Pre high tide at the Creek Hide showed substantial movement up the Creek with a minimum of 800 Dunlin seen in a vast flock, 72 Avocet feeding as one flock and a nice flight of 40 odd Grey Plover going up to some distant roost. Turnstone and Ringed Plover also seemed present in good numbers as the tide pushed them around. Redshank numbered at least 170.
A suspected distant raptor put everything up and this included 9 Bar Tailed Godwits and a small flock of 12 Golden Plover overhead, Wigeon were also present in large numbers.

As the tide was fast approaching its peak I headed for the Scrape Hide, birds were arriving constantly.
At its peak there were a very large flock of 19 Greenshank tucked up out of the wind with 80 Ringed Plover well spread out(most likely more) 4 Golden Plover, a calling Rock Pipit,30 Black Tailed Godwits, 98 Teal and a single Knot and Avocet.
9 Dark Bellied Brent Geese completed the morning.

From here I headed round to Leigh on Sea to view the Brent’s all at roost in one massive flock, difficult to gauge numbers but there must have been at least 1400 birds, quite a spectacle, thoughts immediately turned to Norfolk and Pink Feet, I will have to go soon.
It was while I was watching from the bridge that the whole lot lifted up, it stopped everyone on the bridge as the sight of them and the noise was incredible.

Quite a sight

A great end to the morning.

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