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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Southend - Bank Holiday Monday

 Along with many others I headed for the coast in the morning with my wife Christine, the idea being to walk along the shoreline from the Pier to Thorpe Bay and then return. We arrived just after 9.00am and for once the weather was good for a Bank Holiday, also there was not that many people about ( this soon changed and the weather ) so we started the walk.

Mediterranean and Common Gull ( click on photos to enlarge)

Mediterranean Gull
Ringed Plover 
I had bought my camera because I know what happens when I don’t, as I said there was not too many people around so it was ok walking down the beach with the camera. It is unfortunate in the world that we live in that you are viewed with suspicion walking along with a telephoto lense, I can understand it, I would probably be the same if I was sitting there with my family. I was fortunate that my wife was with me, alone who knows, they don’t know that I am walking along the beach hoping to photograph birds on the shoreline.


Sanderling and Ringed Plover
As we walked further along I starting to see Gulls and then we came across a large flock of roosting Common Terns, certainly over 40, these were in and out evading the joggers and dog walkers.
As you do I started to go through the Gulls and recorded 6 Meditteranean’s, mostly adults going into winter plumage, they are striking in any plumage.

Common Tern

Mixed flock of Sanderling, Turnstone and Ringed Plover

Sanderling and Ringed Plover
Juvenile female Peregrine
The highlight was finding a flock of 29 Sanderling, cracking looking waders again many nearly in winter plumage.
Other highlights included

Yellow Wagtail – 2 on the beach
Wheatear – 1 on the beach
Ringed Plover – 60+
Turnstone – around 30 birds roosting on the moored boats offshore                                                   Swift – 1 overhead
Peregrine – a female juvenile overhead toward the end of the walk
Common Seal – 4 hauled out in the channel opposite Rossi’s

Common Tern

A very enjoyable walk.

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