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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Two Tree Island

August 11th

A brief visit, about an hour as the tide was dropping, off work with a tooth extraction , climbing the walls indoors so drove down to the island for a bit of light relief, mainly to take my mind off this bloody tooth. For unrivalled pain, both before, during and after removal, I can recommend having a badly infected back tooth.

Golden Plover, possibly fresh in

The distant flock ( click on photos to enlarge )
 I arrived just right as the mud was starting to show with various groups of waders circling looking to feed.

One flock dropped straight in, a good sized flock off Golden Plover, 31 in number, many in summer plumage, in amongst them was a single Knot, looked good for a juvenile, without doubt the earliest I have had both winter species.

Golden Plover


From the distant Saltmarsh some Curlew were starting to show from roost, amongst them were 4 Whimbrel, these departed towards the Marina. A single Greenshank was heard and overhead a group of 14 Swifts were heading towards Kent.

Adult and juvenile Sandwich Terns in amongst the Turnstone

Before I went to Two Tree, I dropped into the Marina and checked the high tide roost, this held 189 Turnstone and a very good count of 22 Sandwich Terns. I was hoping for Little Tern but none seen around the Marina or Canvey Point.

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