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Friday, 5 August 2011

Canvey Point

August 5th

4.30 – 8.30am

First visit of the Autumn, still very early and weather not ideal, a westerly and bright sunshine not good for the point, but ok to catch up with local waders and some photography.

Dawn over Southend ( click on photos to enlarge )


Yellow Wagtail
High tide was at dawn so got down there around 4.30, I know, day off from work, should be laying in, I sometimes question my own mentality.

With the high tide many Terns were roosting on the Saltmarsh and the Marina, around 45 Common Terns left these areas and flew up river, in amongst them were 5 Sandwich Terns.

Common Tern

Sandwich Tern

Roost of Turnstone


Common Tern looking for Peregrines

Sandwich Terns roosting

Sandwich Terns

Highlights were

Black Tern – 1 following a ship up river just after 6.00am

Little Tern – 1 seen at 5.10am and then 2 together from 6.20am onwards

Curlew – a flock came in from the creek as the tide dropped – about 25 birds

Dunlin – 140

Black Tailed Godwit – 24

Bar Tailed Godwit – 8

Turnstone – about 50 at roost in Marina

Mediterranean Gull – distant juvenile seen

Little Egret – 7

Grey Plover – 7

Yellow Wagtail – a minimum of 11 seen including a flock of 6

Whimbrel – 2 calling out on the saltmarsh

Grey Seal – 1 eating what looked like a crab

Oystercatchers - everywhere

Impossible to count the Terns after dawn, they were everywhere, also many with juveniles in tow, I did record 8 Sandwich Terns resting up in the Marina.

Dont mind admitting this had me going, settled for Redshank in the end, it just looked so tall

Same bird

Bar Tailed Godwit

Sandwich Tern

A very enjoyable visit, no Wigeon or Brent Geese seen as yet, hopefully the wind will shift round to an easterly or north easterly in the coming weeks.

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