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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Valley and Tylers Common

September 3rd

Following a very enjoyable birders drink up the Railway on Friday night I got up at dawn and headed for the wilds feeling none too clever. Automatic pilot took over walking down to the Ingrebourne, bravely pushing forward in the hope of that rarity or a rare migrant that I know is out there somewhere. The site is way overdue a Red Backed Shrike, Wryneck or Wood Warbler, the main reason that they are not found if they do visit is that there is just too much habitat, the site is massive, probably 40% of it inaccessible.                                                                                                           This morning I decided to cover as much as possible, my route started at the Farm Trail, then on to the top paddock, Berwick Glades, middle paddock, viewing area and then all the habitat to Ingrebourne Hill.
No major rarities gave themselves up but I did record some migrants moving through including Spotted Flycatcher, a year tick for the site so well worth getting out of bed for.
Many warbler species were present with at least 6 Blackcaps seen along with at least 10 Chiffchaffs, 6 Cettis’s were heard 2 Bullfinch were also heard at Lowfield.

Best of the migrants go to

Whinchat 3 – 1 middle paddock and 2 on Ingrebourne Hill
Wheatear – 1 Ingrebourne Hill
Spotted Flycatcher – 2 middle paddock
Yellow Wagtail – 12 Farm Trail

Spotted Flycatcher - middle paddock ( click on photos to enlarge)

Juvenile Robin

Elsewhere on site there were at least 100 Lapwings, 36 Teal and 8 Gadwall in the viewing area, overhead produced a minimum of 70 House Martins up high with a sprinkling of Swallows in with them.2 Sparrowhawks were the best of the raptors.

Whinchat on the Hill
 Tylers Common
A non-birding visit in good weather in the afternoon with my wife Christine and daughter Nicky, the idea being to have a picnic and get some photos of her dog, Bo.                                                            In between the sausage rolls and doughnuts I scanned the almost cloudless blue sky, presently I picked up a Common Buzzard thermal ling that gave good views through the camera, no tail band present so looked good for a juvenile. When this drifted off 2 Hobbies showed up a little while later, again these gave good views and I managed to get some half decent shots, photos below.
Juvenile Common Buzzard

Adult Hobby

Being mobbed by Swallows

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