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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Cooling Marshes

On July 4th I visited the site to undertake a BBS, even though getting late in the season there was still plenty of breeding activity by a number of species.

Waders were much in evidence with freshly arrived Black Tailed Godwits present back from their breeding grounds, most still in their breeding plumage, alongside them were good numbers of Avocets also.

The Avocet flock also contained many juveniles, with a rising tide the breach held good numbers of birds at this early stage in the year.

Yellow Wagtails seemed to be all over the place with many juveniles, as a breeder on my local patch they now seem to have disappeared entirely.

No Raptors were evident as yet, the hoped for camera friendly Hobby on the entrance track failed to materialize.

Some photos below from the visit.

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