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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Heybridge Basin

July 23rd

With my wife Christine starting her 6 weeks holiday from School, she is a TA, we made the most of the sunshine and headed for Maldon, a favourite over the years. I also had in my head that perhaps after some lunch the tide would be favourable at Heybridge for some birding and photography.

After doing the rounds of Maldon we headed for The Ship for a breakfast in the pub as it was still pretty early, I like this pub as you can see the estuary (Godwits, Redshank and Curlew) and the tide whilst eating, what more could you ask for. My wife puts up with me very well as a birder; wherever we go out I do tend to think of what birds are in the area, you know what I mean don’t you? I get withdrawal symptoms if I leave the bins and camera at home, as I explained to my Christine I have missed so many good birds over the years for not having them with me, it is for the best that I take them along wherever we go.
After Brekkie I again got lucky with the tide in connecting with some summer plumed Black Tailed Godwits after a short wait, although they didn’t cut the corner and come really close like they did earlier in the year, I can’t complain with the shots that I got of them though, many are starting to moult.

I also recently at a peregrine site  came across an adult and juvenile Mediterranean Gull going over, always a pleasure to see these Gulls.

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