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Saturday 28 August 2021

Battersea Power Station


Some photos from earlier in August of some of the juveniles and the adult Falcon, most were against the sun so not sharp and backlit.

The 3 juveniles are coming and going, close to going permanently I would say, spells are getting longer between CCTV viewings, a week at one point and not showing up when the adults take prey on the cameras.

It no doubt means they are taking their own prey at this stage not surprisingly, reaching this point obviously means total independence and I expect they will depart the territory soon.

                                                                Adult arriving with prey


                                    Hunting over the River, didn't see me until the last minute

                                                                      Adult Falcon

                                                        Always get great sunrises here.

On the adult’s part, the Falcon has again started to hunt at night recently taking another Black Tailed Godwit nocturnally amongst others in the early a.m hours.

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