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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Fostering 2 - Saturday

I arrived at dawn on Saturday filled with high hopes after Wednesday’s events, quite obvious as well on arrival that he wasn’t on the pylon not surprisingly.

I settled down to wait, I had already spotted the adult Falcon on the side of the building in semi darkness, the Tiercel was nowhere to be seen, likely slipping out to hunt in the dark hours.

After a while a single juvenile exited north east heading for another distant pylon, no doubt possibly watching the adult Tiercel hunting, first come first serve, flight was strong so not the foster.

10 minutes later 2 juveniles came out tail chasing; straight away I knew that neither was Fos – for want of a better name, as flight/acrobatics were too good. Staying upbeat but a little doubt creeping in, I wondered where the little chap was so changed position to view the other side of the building.

It was a little windy, even at this hour, Peregrines as a rule will sit out of the wind, on arrival around the other side of the building – lo and behold there he was sitting there like he owned the place.

Must admit, it put a smile on my face and even better quite obviously he had been fed, his crop was ½ full and the silver leg ring was plain to see.

Watched him and the others for another hour, during this time he flew a couple of short circuits, both landings were eyes shut jobs but he did it.

During this time the adult Falcon did a couple of fly bys as well and another juvenile male landed just below him. Other than the ring, it was also apparent that Fos breast markings are darker than ‘natural’ siblings.

Quite a few people were involved in getting him to this stage, a great result all round and very satisfying.

No photos I’m afraid.

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