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Sunday 2 February 2020

Parliament - looking promising

After last year’s disruption with a change of guard Tiercel wise, I have observed the pair throughout the winter and early activity related to breeding, has been promising.

On a recent visit, with some sunshine for a change, showed the Falcon entering the nest box with a very excited Tiercel alighting nearby straight from roost. She spent a couple of minutes in there before both departed, likely to hunt over towards Westminster Abbey.

On another visit in January before they come under licence as of February 1st, I checked the nest box for the final time and found she had made a nice deep scrape getting ready for breeding hopefully.


Flying the flag


Tiercel - easily missed sitting up there.


The pair just about viewable together

I sometimes get asked for dates when they come under Schedule 1 licence, in London I work to February 1st until July 1st,these are guidance dates to give Building/Structure - Owners and Managers the knowledge that works/maintenance can be organised around these dates. The end date of July 1st can fluctuate in the case off late laying/failed breeder going again but these dates are the norm. 

The egg normal egg laying period has always been as per the books, March 28th – April 2nd, earlier always in the South not surprisingly, the earliest egg laying date for the pairs that I monitor is March 6th.

I suspect one day with global warming/climate change, that egg laying will start at the end of February.

A nice deep scrape made

So fingers crossed for them this year but signs are looking good. 

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