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Friday, 14 February 2020

Beckton Sewage Works

The feeding station has now attracted the attentions of a Brambling, looks like a female, it come in with the Chaffinches and presumably one of the 2 seen last year.

A good year tick no less and great to see the feeders now attracting up to 25 birds of a variety of species, 2 bloody grey squirrels have also found it.

Having seen a recent video of a squirrel trying to get up a greased pole I now intend to do this, I know it will give me hours of amusement watching them try. They can’t get to the big feeders but there already on the peanut ball and fat square, over the years they have cost me a lot of money so if this works it should be a lot of fun, it’s not often you outwit them. 

Greenfinch - declining

The pair of Common Buzzards are looking good again for breeding, noticed a couple of times when viewing them early a.m that their crops are already full. I have seen them worming in the darkness under the artificial light of the Sewage Works so suspect they may be doing this more than originally thought. 

Recent bad weather and rainfall has bought the worms out, I know the Kestrels are picking them off as well, also seen the male Kestrel in the dark as well, both species exploiting a food source under artificial light.

Also came across a very poorly Fox, riddled with mange and a bad back leg, it’s obviously in a lot of discomfort and sad to see, will make some enquiries as to what can be done if anything.

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