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Monday 30 December 2019



All looking good as we fast approach the New Year and yet another breeding season, the pair of Common Buzzards in particular, are very active and also showing how versatile they are in looking for food.

There is a particular area where waste, for want of a better word, is stored ready to be moved, recently over the last couple of months I have noticed a couple of Grey Herons and numerous Feral Pigeons foraging in the containers. Obviously a good food source, it appears that the male Common Buzzard has found it also, in fact it is his go to place at dawn from roost.

It just shows how adaptable they are, he is obviously making the Ferals very nervous but the interaction between him and the Grey Herons seems amicable. It provides a good photo opportunity and I intend to secret myself away to record what goes on.

The pair,smaller male in front

Grey Heron about to jump up to the Container

I also recently had 3 of them on site, so can only presume that this is the juvenile still hanging around, like juvenile peregrines they may be tolerated for longer? 

The Kestrels are roosting at the box on the main building and the male in particular has started to hang around near the box far more becoming more territorial to the nest box.

The Sparrowhawks are present, well at least the female anyway as I keep getting fleeting views of her hunting. 

It looks like I am going to finish the year on 107 species, my highest total so far, some good birds along the way like Brambling, Ring Ouzel, Little Gull and Black Tern so looking forward to seeing if I can top that for 2020.

Lastly I would just like to wish one and all a very Happy and prosperous New Year and thanks for reading the blog.

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