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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Perth - Mindarie

After a great stay with Luke at Timbeerwah, not far from Brisbane, we started the final leg of our holiday to see more of the family - Mike, Julie, Sam and David at Perth.
It makes you realise just how big this country is, when it takes you over 5 hours flight time to reach Perth from Brisbane.

Staying with Mike and Julie for 6 days, we had a fantastic time and they looked after us both very well and  took us to see all the sights, spectacular scenery and it was great catching up. There a stone’s throw from the Coast and obviously this was a big magnet to me and Chris, especially as I saw an Osprey from Mike and Julies balcony on the 1st day. 
They have a lovely house and I can see why they love it there at Mindarie, it is a great place to live,like NZ one thing you notice straight away is that there is no rubbish/litter in the streets.

One place that became a firm favourite was Mindarie Marina, we spent quite a bit of time here having a Coffee watching the comings and goings, it was one of those places that really chills you out.

Birds – there were lots including a pair of Osprey’s, seemingly a different bird here and very approachable given how low they perched with people walking underneath them. Always an impressive bird no matter what country you are in, I got the best views I have ever had of one.

On one particular morning, I had seen the pair from the other side of the Marina on a manmade structure; by the time I had walked round there, one had gone but the remaining bird, presumably the female, posed rather nicely for over an hour. Given how people were hardly giving it a 2nd glance, I can only presume this is a pretty regular sight, I was gob smacked that it was probably only 6 metres up sitting above the main path oblivious to all.

Mick says they have tried to nest on this structure before, but suffered a lot of mobbing from the local Ravens.

Taken long range from the other side of the Marina

Incredible views

The adjacent house would have incredible views,if I won the Lottery I would buy it.

Elsewhere in the Marina there were many Crested Terns resting up on the boom along with Pied Cormorant, Silver Gulls and Pacific Gull. This boy is a big Gull and boasts the biggest beak I have seen on a Gull, would imagine very powerful and packing a good punch.

Welcome Swallow

Crested Tern

Crested Terns mainly

Pacific Gull - impressive

Pied Cormorant

A great place.

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