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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Two Tree Island Roost

December 6th

After the mornings visit at Wallasea Island RSPB to round off the day I visited Two Tree on the way home, coinciding the visit with a rising tide.

With the sun now out in all its glory, I timed my arrival with perfection as the waders began to come into roost.

How many would you say in this flock of Knot? 

For an hour I watched them and scanned around looking for something out of the ordinary, nothing materialised but I did have some good flocks with Knot and Dunlin in particular present in numbers.

Flocks were on the move a lot so counts are always going to be your best estimate as they came and went from the scrape to the Saltings and vice versa.

I arrived at the following.

Dunlin – 400

Avocet – 56

Knot – 1200 a rough estimate

Grey Plover – 12

Kingfisher – 1

Bar Tailed Godwit - 35 outside on Salting but didn’t come in to scrape

Black Tailed Godwit – 5

Greenshank – 5

Common Snipe – 42 around the margins

Ringed Plover – 37

Lapwing – 108

The Knot were interesting, I watched a flock drop in(as above)and merge with birds already roosting, as they dropped in I estimated the airborne flocks number, thinking around 600 odd birds.

I decided when I got home to count the flock from a photo, basically to see how far out I was.

Below is the actual number give or take 4 or 5, surprising but they are densely packed.

Surprising isn't it

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