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Friday 12 December 2014

Rally for Nature and Christmas Bash

Rally for Nature

December 9th

Like many people I care a lot about the Environment, Wildlife and Nature, I have never been politically motivated; indeed this was my first rally at the age of 57.

Much of our wildlife is in serious trouble; Birds of Prey persecution is rife due to this government not enforcing current wildlife laws, in particular on Grouse Moors.
The statistics say it all, this year there were 4 pairs of Hen Harrier in England in 2014, there should be 300 pairs, their breeding habitat is mainly Grouse Moors, illegal persecution is taking place, it simply has to stop.

The idea of the March is to bring the message across, existing laws need defending and implementing properly, and to also establish a Nature act in Parliament.
Prior to the March there were speakers – Joe Duckworth, Mike Clarke, Mark Avery, Stephen Trotter, Caroline Lucas and Kerry McCarthy, all were good but in particular Mark Avery and Caroline Lucas (Green Party) were excellent.

Caroline Lucas - excellent

Gathering for the march

Victoria Tower - couldn't even find a Peregrine.

I lobbied my MP, Dame Angela Watkinson (Conservative) when we got to Parliament, unfortunately she could not see me as she was in a meeting. I have since contacted her again so it will be interesting to see her response.

Hopefully the Rally will signify the start of change.

Christmas Bash

A great night, the photos and the Cobra's say it all.

Birders a gathering

Couple of high foreheads 

Shaun and Lee bonding - nice moment


Cobra kicking in

Great night - 17 of us

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