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Friday, 1 July 2011

Ingrebourne Valley

June 30th

I grabbed a quick visit in the afternoon after visiting a Peregrine site in the morning, weather in the afternoon was not ideal as it became rather cloudy, I had in mind to try and photograph some White Letter Hairstreaks.

Black Tailed Skimmer

First visit for over a month and was surprised how everything has changed and become overgrown, the viewing area is still holding a good head of water all over, but could possibly come up trumps for returning waders in late summer as it dries out.

Lapwing, sadly no juveniles again
To reinforce this there were 7 Green Sandpipers present, possibly more, I saw 2 groups of 3 and 4 at the same time, hopefully we will pick up a Wood Sandpiper in the Autumn.

Green Sandpipers all

Even more of them
Also present in the viewing area were 6 moulting Gadwall and 33 Lapwing. The Lapwing look to have suffered heavy predation again, I could not find one juvenile amongst the flock, it looks as if the Crows and Foxes have again curtailed any local breeding.

Silver Y

Essex Skipper, note dark antennae

Small Skipper

Purple Hairstreak

On a brighter note, despite the gloomy weather Butterflies were present in good numbers walking the usual transect of Berwick Glades.

Species seen were-

White Letter Hairstreak – 1, Purple Hairstreak – 1 , Small Skippers – 28, Essex Skippers – 2, Ringlet 6, Meadow Browns – everywhere, Small Copper – 1, Peococks – 2, Small Tortoiseshell – 1, Small Whites everywhere, Silver Y – 1,

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  1. Dave, I like your photos! I used to be a butterfly monitor when I lived in the Chicago area. Its fun to see your photos, all your species are different than ours, although we had skippers, just not so beautiful.