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Sunday 22 May 2011

Osprey - Ingrebourne Valley May 21st

I decided to visit Berwick Reservoir after having a good morning checking Peregrine sites In London to catch up with progress.

On arrival I walked to the island, a pair of Common Terns were fussing around, Pochard and Tufted Duck were also present and I dare say that some may well nest on the Reservoir as per last year.

Wing Walker from the nearby Airfield

Little Egret
There was little wind and plenty of sunshine, so it was eyes up, had a chat with an angler and he had just had 2 Common Buzzards thermaling overhead. As I left him I looked up, and way up was a large raptor going east on set wings fast, it was going away so I got the camera up, got a lock and fired off 4 or 5 quick shots. As I did this it went into cloud and I got a couple of silhouette shots and then it was gone in the glare.


I didn’t manage to get the bins on it ( stupid I know) and at the time I thought it was a Common Buzzard as they are getting pretty common around here, should have checked the camera there and then, but alas, got distracted by a brood of Yellow Wagtails.

Juvenile Yellow Wagtail
The penny dropped on checking the camera later, not only a year tick but a long awaited site tick.

Yellow Wagtail
Should have learnt my lesson, I did the same thing a few years back at Rainham, Buzzard sp came over, I was talking to some people and fired off a few quick shots, then carried on talking as I did not want to be rude. Reviewing the photos later showed it to be a Honey.

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