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Sunday 27 March 2011

Stone Curlew - Barking Bay March 27th

Got very lucky this morning whilst searching for Little Ringed Plover and Wheatear, still cant find one, they do seem late this year, instead as I walked the Bay, a Stone Curlew came up in front of me.

Only my 2nd ever in London, and a very welcome addition to the patchlist.

Just come up

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It came up at 10.54am off the large open area of earth as you walk east from the visitor centre, stayed low initially heading east before climbing and disappearing around a large hill on the site. Despite a good search for the next hour I could not relocate it. On its last seen heading going east, it would either take it to Rainham RSPB or it could have flicked over to Crossness, these offer the best suitable habitats. It was not seen to leave the site.


Hopefully it will turn up again.It could have gone to ground somewhere in the Bay as there is excellent habitat there, I also understand they can be quite elusive and crouch down a lot so it is possible that it may still be present.

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