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Monday 14 March 2011

Green Winged Teal and a touch of colour

I headed for Connaught Water with my wife Christine, to see if I could catch up with the putative Green Winged Teal as I needed it for my London List, as far as I am aware it has not yet been confirmed as one. Weather was not ideal with showers and over cast grey skies, none the less it was good to visit as it was the first time I have been to this lake.

Hopefully good credentials

Eventually found the bird tucked up on an island distantly with a female Eurasian Teal, from what I could see it looked ok going from the features that were visible. Not being familiar with the species I checked it in a book, the vertical white line was there and the head pattern looked good. Would liked to have seen it in better light and closer to get more features, will be interesting to see if it is accepted.

I know the lake is renowned for its Mandarin Ducks, could only locate 3,the drakes colours were absolutely dazzling, also came across a pair of Egyptian Geese, still trying to get one of these on my local patch, Ingrebourne Valley .

Pair of Mandarin Ducks

Egyptian Geese pair

Coal Tit, Nuthatch and Siskin also seen, well worth a visit in April/May when everything is singing. Apologies for the weather related naff photo’s, need a Nikon D300/300s badly, or a D700 if I can stretch to it.

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