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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Saturday Aug 7th Barking Bay

I visit the Bay probably about 6 times a year, it is one of those places that you have to be very careful where you park, it is a desolate stretch of road and vandalism has always been a problem.
The whole site is earmarked for developement unfortunately, like most Brownfields sites in East London, they just cant leave them alone.Without doubt it is underwatched, only a few locals cover the site every now and then, just as I do.
It is directly opposite Crossness and I knew that a Sanderling had been seen recently by the Crossness crew, so I visited in the hope of catching up with it.
As I walked over to the Thames a good sized Linnet flock came up, numbering around 30 birds, went through them as you do looking for that special rarity that I hope one day to find, its out there somewhere.
A quick scan as I arrived at the river showed the tide to be out so was hopeful of some waders, was not to be disappointed.

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