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Friday 19 April 2024

New Kestrel Box


On Wednesday myself and my compadre in arms Lee, placed a Kestrel Box at a new site, following on from a previous visit having seen Kestrels in the area.

These days I can’t do it all myself like in the past, however I am lucky enough to have some really good mates around me, who help me no end and put up with my demands and nagging extremely well.

All went smoothly, apart from me trying to undo the rope, my sidekick performed admirably despite his office boy status and the box looks great, the rest as they say is up to the Kes’s.

It more than likely its too late for this year, but you never know, I would expect Stock Doves to show an interest as they do, hopefully it will peak the Kestrels interest also.

                                                                   Ready to go up


                                                    Heavy duty straps - no damage to trees

                                                             How can they resist it?

A massive thanks to Lee.

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