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Saturday 20 April 2024

Beckton Sewage Works Latest


April 18th

I visited on Thursday morning and mostly concentrated on the Outfall and River for activity, still waiting for that much needed Osprey to add to the Life List. They have been seen here in the past by others, but for me, a much-needed addition to the list.

A good morning with a few additions in the shape of a Marsh Harrier, not regular here, also Arctic Tern with a single seen along with 11 Sand Martins, 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls were also good to see.

Elsewhere there are still 17 Redshanks hanging on from the Winter, I would expect these to go very soon to their breeding grounds. 3 Common Sandpipers were also seen along with 7 very noisy Oystercatchers.

The usual culprits on Beckton Sewage Works, the Ravens are still on site, and I am only seeing one of the Common Buzzards, so expect they may well be nesting in the Willows again.
The Kestrels in the nest box on the main building are incubating and a 2nd pair, likely a new pairing are hanging around the 2 tall Chimneys. I will have to get a box up for them if I can, obviously not up on the Chimneys but somewhere more accessible.

Don’t seem to get passage waders here anymore, I would suspect the sheer number of Crows, now working the mudflats, is likely a put off.

Still no Wheatears!



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