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Friday 1 December 2023

Norfolk Seals


Morston Quay Seal Trip 

November 20th

Having pre booked with Temple Seal Trips running out of Morston Quay, Chris and myself left home around 6.30a.m, the trip was governed by the tide not surprisingly, on arrival we sailed around 11.30a.m. A big wide boat, around 16 of us were in it with plenty of room for me to swing the camera and not take anyone out with the lens.

The weather was spot on as we headed out of the Creek at Morston, on the way out to Blakeney Point, we saw the odd Seal, but in ever increasing numbers as we headed further out, heads started popping out everywhere.

As we got further out the sheer numbers of Seals, they were all Atlantic Grey Seals mostly with the occasional Harbour Seal mixed in.

As you know from the Blog I see, Grey Seals along the Thames quite often, just a head usually and partial body, however with many hauled out, you realise just how big they are, especially the Bulls.

As we neared all the remote areas further out, pups started to appear and the sheer numbers were quite staggering, up in the thousands we were told stretched as far as the eye could see along the sand dunes.

A spectacular sight, Chris absolutely loved it as did I.

                                                                   Striking colours

                                                            Lots of time spent sleeping

                                                      Heads started to show on the way out

                                                                      Mum and pup

                                                 Pup - this is what contentness looks like

                                                                      Grey Seals

              More Grey Seals, we were told up in the thousands dissapearing right along the coast

                                                                 Bull, Cow and pup

                                       Way back on the dunes, this one kept an eye on the boat


I was obviously keeping an eye out for birds as well; some good birds were seen like Great Northern and Red Throated Diver.

Also 2 Razorbills, 3 Rock Pipits, Guillemot, 2 Red Breasted Mergansers, Pintail, Goldeneye, and a Red Kite patrolling the Seal colony, presumably looking for scraps.

A great trip.

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