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Friday 8 December 2023



Battersea Power Station

The pair remain stable as we likely enter the Falcon’s 13th or 14th year, she is holding on well, this is despite, no doubt numerous challenges by singles testing her and the Tiercel. Her age is against her and eventually she will be replaced, now unable to produce eggs sadly as of this year, it will likely be the same story for 2024, if she is still present.

The last time she had breeding success was 2021 with 3 juveniles fledged, sadly nothing since, the new permanent position has been 100% accepted and she still spends lots of time inside sleeping.

If you have visited you will know that the Northern Park is now an Ice Rink, however I am still finding wildlife, despite the multitude of people, you just have to know where to look. Both Wagtails are present, the Pied’s are usually found dodging people ground foraging and the Greys stick mostly to the river foreshore.

                                                               A well stuffed Falcon


                                         Tiercel - fluffing himeself up to look bigger - intruder!

                                                                     Pied Wagtail



Now into December, the pair are rapidly approaching yet another breeding season, just under 7 now weeks before the licence and breeding season kicks in again on February 1st 2024.It shows what a long commitment the breeding season is for them with 2 juveniles not long gone.

The new nest position as far as I am aware, has not been accessed, I haven’t seen them at the nest box and fairly regular checks of the substrate, shows the pattern inside remains the same. Of course, it’s still early days, January will hopefully bring forth some breeding signs, I’ve seen them copulating before on Boxing Day, much depends on the weather.

They are fickle beasts, it’s as much about cutting down alternative positions, the issue is that you cannot cover all of Victoria Tower’s ledges, balconies and niches, time will tell.

The 2 juveniles now are long gone, I often wonder where they will end up, hopefully they will get through there first winter.

                                             Falcon - look at the size and spread of that foot



                                       Juvenile cutting some shapes around Victoria Tower


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