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Saturday 2 July 2022



Following on from ‘Kestrel Update’, I visited both sites, Beckton Sewage Works and the Quarry site recently and both have fledged ok.

All of them lost height not surprisingly on fledging, with no natural awareness of danger as yet, some even came down to road level like the Quarry site, 2 fledgers in particular sitting in the middle of a road.

Approached these and they then flew quite well and got themselves aloft.

Watched the Beckton Thames Water birds also, all 5 of them, I had thought there was only 4; all flew well eventually from low positions and relocated higher.

Another good year from both these very productive nest sites, 9 juveniles.

                                                             Quarry Site - 2 in the road

                                              Beckton - came down low but flew ok after a while

                                              Adult female keeping the Crows/Magpies away

                                                         Male keeping an eye on them

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